An Internet forum asked me how do we feel doing MTB here where there are no mountains. My dear friends let me tell you……If you have ever ridden in the jungle I am sure you share the same sentiment as me. Here in Quintana Roo, where there are no hills, no mountains, where most roads are narrow and technical, difficult but beautiful once you’re in the jungle, where the humidity makes you sweat like crazy and the heat kills your strength…here you find a different challenge, an amazing challenge. A marvelous experience!
Believe me when I say even there are no mountains here, riding is demanding and the feeling of being in the jungle makes you completely lose yourself in the environment, especially in the middle of a ride when you find a cenote to dive in and refresh, shaking off the heat. Sometimes you run into small hills which once were Mayan temples and it makes your mind travel to the past and your imagination run free… Many remember the mountains and hills, but this place really is magical… once you are here … you forget about the hills and mountains and are just here, in the moment, conquering the Mayan jungle.
We have so many stones and rocks here, that many rides are very tough. You’ll fall a few times, have flat tires, return with scratches and bruises…but the truth is, the more difficult it gets, the more we love it! Is it that we like to suffer or did we just find the reason to get out there, enjoy battling against ourselves, the heat and the jungle? Appreciating our own effort and strength to defeat the rocks, the obstacles, the weather and end up saying….”I did it”. Despite everything, the difficulties, you made it. It gives us a feeling of joy, of incredible accomplishment. Even though we have problems, crises that we go through, the pressure of work, family, money… we get on our bike. We arrive at the first rough trail and forget everything, we unburden pedaling, having a moment with ourselves, with our effort, we just fight with ourselves to achieve… to overcome our fear of failure and defeat the trail … an amazing feeling!.


Sometimes we complain about the stones, we choose very complicated ways, but in the end that is what gives us very good bike handling skills and prepares us for even more difficult challenges. On our last ride in Ek-Balam, over narrow trails, you could notice the skills people acquired riding with us in the jungle. If they later move to a place with mountains, I assure you that they have amazing handling skills and control over their bike because of so many stony technical trails, stones that sometimes we hate, but which later we are thankful.
Riding in the Riviera Maya is like life.
Life and the path we take is full of obstacles, rocks, logs, roots and mud, but also full of beautiful things that are worthwhile. You bike through the jungle as you go through life, you may find difficulties and obstacles that will make you get off bike or you will even fall, but with time and practice you will dominate and conquer. You will sweat, you will strive, throw tantrums, have flat tires and broken chains, maybe you even have to walk for long stretches, and you will stumble on ticks, but in the end… in the end we all walked the road, some more skillfully than others but we all learned and looking back you enjoyed it. We end up with experiences, how to address problems and obstacles, making us better cyclists, and in life this road will lead us to become better men and women.


In addition to sports, MTB Cancun & Riviera Maya has another facet that makes it different … Some Cancun MTB cyclists have added other disciplines, which we are always glad to see, some have moved outside the region or even out of the country, others just joined us during their holidays, but they all remain in our hearts. A community of friends so special that makes it unique. We are many, a lot of cyclists, with different ideologies, thoughts and visions of the world, but when it comes to riding, we are one . MTB Cancun & Riviera Maya has let to dates, weddings, relationships, friendships, businesses, people who felt lonely found a place to belong. Sometimes for different reasons people disappear for a while, but they know that whenever they come back they are received with many smiles, many familiar faces who will welcome them with open arms not just to ride, also to celebrate, to meet, to talk, to listen….. MTB Cancun & Riviera Maya is in your blood, it will get under your skin and you feel at home. Maybe we are not a high performance team, but we are a great community with a shared love, we bear the name of our community tattooed on our hearts. We feel that we belong, we feel identified.


Now we know we have a lot of friends when riding, once your part of this community, these friends will last a lifetime. Not just for biking, if you want to exercise, go to the movies, going to the beach or just out to eat…here are your friends. That’s MTB Cancun & Riviera Maya, a place to live and enjoy.


You see, sometimes the mountains are not so necessary. Of course sometimes you miss them, but if I were to go, I would miss a lot more the people, the community we have, the friends, the crazy times, the trails , the rides, the events, the heat, the humidity, the jungle, the wildlife, but especially … the great company of the good friends I’ve won every time I go to ride ….

Always enjoy what we have, this community, this hobby, these friends, and this life, which is the only one we have!
Keep on biking.


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