Ladies, recently talking to some MTB guys about how to involve your partner in MTB (and not die in the attempt), we realized that the decision ultimately is totally up to you. But to get more women involved in MTB an article exclusively for you.

We met many girls who had a disastrous start in the MTB but continued because they knew it would be fun and because they discovered that it has a lot of benefits and now…no way to stop them!


Seven reasons why you should consider getting into mountain biking. Believe me, the benefits go beyond just biking.

Reason 1. – Rock that body

Mountain biking or road biking is a continuous aerobic exercise. But it also includes many strength exercises, not only legs, also your arms, back, abdomen, neck, buttocks and a number of muscles that you did not know existed. You will lose weight, strengthen your muscles and you’ll get a “very hot bod”. It is enough to go riding a couple of days a week, I guarantee that your friends will start saying: “you look great”. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to hear that?


Reason 2. – You can do anything

The learning curve of mountain biking can be a bit heavy, but once you’ve started to avoid obstacles, for which normally you would stop and get of your bike, you get a renewed sense of personal satisfaction. These obstacles may be a technical trail, conquering a steep climb or stones and roots. Once you get the first win over this technical section, without getting of your bike, you start to see the amazing results of your efforts. This sense of success or achievement can be easily spread to other areas of your life. Obstacles become something that can be mastered, you are able to accomplish all that you set out … not run away.


Reason 3. – MTB is a social issue.

After years of riding with men and women, I’ve really come to appreciate riding with both. It is amazing to see how women enjoy the ride. If you enjoy the normal life meetings, breakfasts, evening outings, bachelorette parties and meetings just for the fun of it, why not do it while mountain biking. The rides where women are joining automatically become more social outings. And finally both men and women enjoy it to the fullest. Discuss the pictures and adventures of the previous rides, talk and catch up and motivate each other. You’ll be part of a very special group.

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Reason 4. – A mountain bike holiday can be fantastic!

Mountain biking itself guides you through beautiful scenery. Fantastic panoramic views, ancient trees, impressive rock formations, wonderful forest or woodland, ancient cenotes or enchanted lagoons are the daily quota of mountain biking. If you go on a mountain biking holiday you will definitely see more wildlife and nature in one day than you can see in a year in the cities. And as a reward there is nothing like a hot tub or massage at a spa for total post-ride recovery and feel totally rejuvenated, like new, ready for the next ride. When you return to real life, some will surely say “sure you had an amazing holiday. You look fantastic and relaxed! “(Here we return to reason No. 1). So your next task will be to convince your boyfriend, husband or group of friends that the next holiday is somewhere that offers mountain bike rides!


Reason 5. – The right to brag

Maybe once you’ve made faces when someone started to talk about their epic ride, amazing places, funny falls blah, blah, blah, blah. Well, maybe you’re a little bit jealous of the adventures that they talk about. Maybe what you need is to do also something amazing and “epic” you can brag about. Perhaps you want to start bragging the (inevitable) bruises that come with mountain biking. With the passing of time your story will change from: “We went to the bar ‘X’ last night” to “we rode 10 km through the forest or jungle and then a fantastic 6 km single track”… see? Doesn’t even seem you are bragging … it’s just how it is.

Reason 6. – Learn mechanical stuff

In the world of mountain biking or all terrain biking, it is an unwritten rule that you must have the ability to solve basic problems: repair a flat tire, check that the brakes are working properly, check that the locks are tight or that the tires have the correct pressure. The big part of girls who start mountain biking, the most they know about mechanics is … ” how to change a lightbulb”. Until you start to maintain your bike, you do not understand all involved in repairing and maintaining your bike. We have seen many girls change flat tires, repair broken chains, know which pressure a tire needs for different kind of tracks, and probably also enjoy admiring their bike and knowing that they are responsible for its maintenance. They learn how to clean their bike and the importance of keeping it in good condition. Many women I know would like to solve mechanical things like that… this is your chance to do it!!. Don’t let the guys be the only ones knowing these things.


Reason 7. – Mental Strength.
Falling off the bike is part of mountain or road biking. You fall, get up and keep on riding. Unless the pain is unbearable or you have broken bones, then stop biking. Don’t complain about how difficult, complicated or long a trail is. Complaining does not help you too succeed. Concentrate and focus, you can do this. Mourn okay, perhaps even necessary at times, but you must understand that sooner or later you will fall again. Some rides you will finish without falling, of course this includes mastering the obstacles, trails and controlling your bike. It’s ok to get off your bike to pass an obstacles which you don’t master yet and to take time to recover … but the strength and confidence in yourself, that you should never lose!


During the already more than 6 years of MTB Cancun & Riviera Maya, many, many women have passed joined us. Many of them continue to ride with us, some are winning competitions now (even making the men nervous), others continue to ride in other states or countries, and when they don’t ride they feel that something is missing in their life. Many of them started with MTB which gave them the confidence to start doing triathlon and roadbiking, looking for more challenges in their life. It is an adrenaline sport, a sport that is linked entirely to nature, where the challenge exist of pedalling and pedalling, curve after curve, rise after drop, stone by stone. If you are one of those women who love challenges, then do not hesitate … just give it a try.

Ladies, now grab your mountain bike and go ride and have fun! Be part of the biking community.
Feel Free and amazing!


6 thoughts on “Ladies; seven reasons to get on your bike

  1. Great post, I love my mountain bike and love exploring the trails around near home. I would add that you are never too old to start. I started mountain biking at the age of 43, having not ridden a bike for about 18 years. It’s just mind over matter, any one can do it.

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